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China's Government Must Allow Reunion of Uyghur Families 



Some Uyghur parents have been separated from their children as a result of the unprecedented crackdown on ethnic populations in Xinjiang. With your voice, we can push the Chinese government to end this separation.

Mihriban and Ablikim fled from Xinjiang to Italy in 2016 after being harassed by police and pressured to give up their passports. They left their four children in the temporary care of grandparents, but soon afterwards the grandmother was taken to an internment camp while the grandfather was interrogated by police. In November 2019, they received a permit from the Italian government to bring their children over. However, the four children – aged between 12 and 16 – were seized by police and sent to an orphanage and boarding school in Xinjiang when they traveled to the Italian consulate in Shanghai to apply for visas.

Mihriban and Ablikim’s story is tragically not unique. Many Uyghur parents overseas have had to leave one or more children in the care of family members in Xinjiang. Some parents have since learned their children were taken to state-run “orphan camps” or boarding schools after the relatives taking care of them had been detained.

Sign the petition to call on the Chinese government to ensure that children in Xinjiang are allowed to be reunited as promptly as possible with their parents and siblings already living abroad.

President of the People’s
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