Pass the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act


Image Credit: APGraphicsBank

Around 14,000 people are STILL held in U.S. immigration detention. Many are stuck there for weeks, months, even years, without easy access to attorneys and in dangerous, crowded conditions that lack basic hygiene and medical care. Black and brown people, who make up the overwhelming majority of those detained, face added discrimination and other human rights abuses.

Every day immigrants and asylum-seekers remain trapped there is another day their rights are violated and their lives at risk. We have an opportunity to reform the way this system works, and to make freedom the norm:

Congress just introduced the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act which would make detention the exception — not the rule. This transformative legislation would end mandatory detention; eliminate the horrific use of private prison facilities for immigration detention; and protect parents, caregivers, and people who are at-risk from the threat of detention. It would mainstream the use of community-based programs as an alternative to detention and help ensure greater oversight and accountability.

Speak out and call on your members of Congress to champion this bill, and bring our country toward a more just and humane immigration system.