It’s time to permanently end the U.S. global abortion ban!


© Itzel Plascencia / Amnesty International Mexico

The Global Gag Rule is a dangerous and harmful U.S. foreign policy that blocks global funding for non-profits and clinics around the world that provide counseling and education on safe abortion.

Despite that fact that no U.S. money ever goes to abortion services because of existing U.S. law, the Global Gag Rule means that organizations that receive U.S. International aid for maternal health, HIV prevention, or basic health must choose between receiving critical U.S. funding, or providing people with the sexual and reproductive health care and information they need and deserve.

The Global Gag Rule is deadly and ineffective, and results in tens of thousands of maternal deaths each year that could otherwise be prevented.

President Biden has rescinded the Global Gag Rule as one of his first steps in office, but without permanently repealing the policy, future presidents can (and will) reinstate the policy, interrupting health services and raising rates of maternal death. We must permanently repeal the Global Gag Rule — and the Global Health, Rights, and Empowerment (HER) Act would do just that.

Now is our moment: Call on Congress to pass the HER Act and permanently repeal the Global Gag Rule.