Tell Your Gov. and Mayor: Protect Peaceful Protesters At All Costs!


©Star Tribune via Getty Images

We watched in horror this summer as U.S. law enforcement used heavy-duty riot gear and military-grade weapons to police and intimidate protesters at peaceful demonstrations across the country. Amnesty International documented 125 incidents of police violence against protesters across 40 states in less than two weeks.

Our government leaders have also failed to keep our communities safe from violence by quashing the right to peacefully dissent, and not condemning armed hate and white supremacy groups.

Peaceful dissent is a cornerstone of freedom. It is a right, not a privilege. But that right is under attack — and right now, we must pull out all the stops to defend it.

As we approach the potential for more demonstrations in the aftermath of the elections, we must turn to our state and local leaders who oversee police departments and decide whether to deploy the National Guard in their communities.

Sign below to urge your governor and mayor: I demand you protect the right to peacefully protest and dissent, and take special measures to keep your constituents and communities safe from violence and armed intimidation.