Take Action for Human Rights

Free Germain Rukuki who is jailed for defending human rights



Above everything, Germain is a husband and father. But this stalwart of human rights has never seen his youngest son. Instead, the father of three is sitting in a jail cell in Burundi, sentenced to 32 years imprisonment on sham charges after a flawed trial.

It was early one morning in July 2017 when Germain and his wife, Emelyne Mupfasoni, were woken by heavy footfall and banging on their door. Dozens of members of the security forces had piled into their compound. Emelyne was just weeks away from giving birth to their third child.

Officers interrogated the couple, both NGO workers, in their home. They arrested Germain, later transferring him to Ngozi prison, northern Burundi, where he remains to this day.

Take Action: Tell the Ambassador of Burundi to release Germain Rukuki immediately and unconditionally.

Ambassador of the Republic of Burundi