Take Action for Human Rights

Tell ICE to release Ana, Victoria, and all families from detention



Ana* (22) and her daughter Victoria* (4) fled Honduras after repeated threats against their lives after her partner and Victoria’s father were killed because of his political beliefs. They requested asylum in the U.S. over nine months ago and have been locked up ever since. ICE was informed multiple times that Victoria is asthmatic and particularly at risk for COVID-19, but refuses to release them.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is locking up nearly 100 families at three facilities in Pennsylvania and Texas. After COVID-19 was confirmed in family detention centers, a federal judge ordered ICE to release all children by August 2020, but the judge does not have jurisdiction over their parents. ICE has the legal authority to release families together and has historically done so, but is now choosing to separate families or keep them detained indefinitely.

Take Action: Tell the Interim Director of ICE to release Ana, Victoria, and all the other families from ICE detention together.

ICE Acting Director Pham