Denounce NYPD’s Intimidation Tactics Against BLM Organizer Derrick Ingram


©Credit Ira L. Black

On August 7, the New York Police Department (NYPD) brought dozens of officers, a helicopter, riot police, and police dogs in a five-hour-long attempt to arrest Derrick Ingram, a prominent organizer of Black Lives Matter actions. The one thing they didn’t bring: a warrant.

In a clear attempt to intimidate Black Lives Matter protesters and chill free speech, the NYPD tried to mislead Derrick about his rights, threatened to break down his door, attempted to interrogate him without counsel, and stationed dozens of officers in his hallway, on his fire escape, and in tactical positions in and around nearby buildings. The police left only after he livestreamed the events, a large crowd of protesters gathered, and the media began asking questions.

We MUST speak up for the right to protest. Send your message to New York District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. to demand that the investigation into the NYPD’s treatment of Derrick Ingram is prompt, impartial, independent, and transparent.

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Vance, Jr.
New York County District Attorney
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