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Release Pastor Steven Tendo from Detention



“They would eat me like hot cake. They would even kill me if they got to know that I am on the way going back…” — Pastor Steven

Steven Tendo is an ordained minister seeking safety from danger in Uganda, where government forces tortured him, amputated two of his fingers, and murdered several of his family members. He will likely be killed if returned.

Detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for 2 full years after requesting asylum here, his health has rapidly deteriorated from inadequate care for his diabetes: he is now blind in one eye and losing vision in the other. He was hospitalized in July, and despite his destroyed immune system, ICE sent him back to a facility where over a hundred people have tested positive for COVID-19.

Pastor Steven recently faced imminent deportation until global campaign efforts and congressional intervention stopped his deportation. However, his health continues to worsen behind detention walls. He must be allowed to pursue the right to seek asylum in safety and freedom. We must act quickly to save Pastor Steven’s life. Demand ICE to release him now.

Deputy Field Office Direc
Deputy Field Office Director