Urgent: Call your two Senators and tell them to Pass the Justice in Policing Act


The nationwide outcry for racial justice is heating up on Capitol Hill: With support across both aisles, the House of Representatives just passed the Justice in Policing Act, a bill that would help end racist policing and violence at the hands of law enforcement. Now, it’s up to the Senate -- including the two senators from your state.

We expect resistance in the Senate on this bill, and we MUST make enough noise right now in order to send a clear message that our lawmakers need to pass this meaningful legislation to help save lives.

Act now: Help mobilize massive public pressure on your senators to pass the Justice in Policing Act by calling their offices directly. It only takes a minute, and we’ve provided a script and a line directly to your senators below.

How To Call

  1. Enter your phone number, name, and address in the form and click "Call Me."
  2. Your phone will ring and you will be connected.
  3. Once you are connected, use the script below. To call your second senator, or if you are having trouble being connected, please call 844-317-0338. Feel free to add your own personal story!

Your Call Script

Hello, my name is [insert your name] , and I am your constituent from [insert city and state]. I am calling to urge [senator’s name] to improve and pass S. 3912, the Justice in Policing Act, which would be a major step in ending police violence and combating racism in our country.
Now is not the time for watered-down reforms. This is a critical moment in our history. Violent policing, particularly towards Black and brown communities, must end, and this legislation would move us in the right direction toward prioritizing a bold agenda that brings about meaningful accountability, reimagines public safety and provides justice for all people. I will be watching Senator [Last Name]’s action closely — I strongly encourage them to stand on the right side of history by improving and passing the Justice in Policing Act. Thank you for your time.