Take Action for Human Rights

URGENT: Tell Your Senators to Advance the Justice in Policing Act!



The nationwide outcry for racial justice is heating up on Capitol Hill: With support across both aisles, the House of Representatives passed the Justice in Policing Act, a bill that would help end racist policing and violence at the hands of law enforcement. Now, it’s up to the Senate -- including the two senators from your state.

There will be resistance in the Senate on this bill, and we MUST make enough noise right now in order to send a clear message that our lawmakers need to pass this meaningful legislation to help save lives.

Act now: Help mobilize massive public pressure on every senator to support the Justice in Policing Act. Your senators need to hear where their constituents stand on this critical piece of legislation. To make sure your letter gets read, we encourage you to customize the subject line and add a personal note in the letter!