How To Call

  1. Enter your phone number, name, and address in the form and click "Call Me."
  2. Your phone will ring and you will be connected.
  3. Once you are connected, use the script below.

Your Call Script

Hello, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent of Representative [NAME]. I’m calling to ask the Representative to urge Congress to commit $150 million annually for community-based gun violence intervention groups, and to cosponsor the Break the Cycle of Violence Act, H.R. 4836. Community-based violence intervention programs are proven to reduce gun violence, but they are critically endangered due to a lack of sustainable funding. Do you know if the Representative supports the Break the Cycle of Violence Act?

[IF YES] That’s great! Would the Representative also be willing to advocate for earmarked funding for community-based violence prevention groups in future relief packages?

[IF NOT SURE] Okay! I hope that my call can be noted, and I encourage the Representative to look into the Break the Cycle of Violence Act, H.R. 4836.

[IF NO] Okay, thank you for your time. I hope that my support as a constituent can be noted.