Take Action for Human Rights



© Chip Somodevilla for Getty Images

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all of us. It’s an unsettling time filled with anxiety: lives have been upended, tens of millions of students are out of school indefinitely, gun sales are soaring, and people are rightly worried about what comes next.

In the U.S. the COVID-19 pandemic intersects with another public health and human rights crisis: gun violence. The dangerous shortcomings of our national patchwork of gun regulations have become even clearer during this period of fear and uncertainty.

Millions of children are stuck at home with access to unlocked guns. Gun suicides may increase due to the prolonged isolation and economic anxiety. People at risk of domestic violence are trapped with their abusers. Online gun sales, which often don’t require background checks, are spiking. And communities that already feel the impact of gun violence the most are also being hit the hardest.

In times of crisis, we see most clearly how the state-by-state approach fails to protect human rights. We need nationwide protections for everyone, which is why we need you to take this urgent action to your Members of Congress today.