Take Action for Human Rights



The Trump administration continues its hateful attacks on immigrants! URGENT: President Trump took executive action to expand the Muslim ban to include six additional countries: Nigeria, Eritrea, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, and Tanzania.

The Trump administration has once again made it clear that it intends to turn its back on people in need of safety and a new home — and is willing to implement policies that needlessly target nationals of entire countries.

It is past time for our elected officials to rescind all versions of the Muslim ban — and other dangerous and discriminatory policies blocking children, families, and individuals from coming to the U.S. We need urgent action to undo these xenophobic policies that masquerade as security measures!

These policies are not only cruel and senseless, they have manufactured a crisis of the administration’s own making. Instead of making our country safe, these policies have endangered thousands of lives, torn families apart, and abandoned values long cherished by so many in the U.S.

While these unlawful restrictions are battled in the courts, Congress must step up to prevent the administration from carrying out these inhumane policies. Your Senators and Members of Congress urgently need to hear from you — their constituents — that they must pass the NO BAN Act.

URGENT: Tell your Senators and Members of Congress that you do NOT support banning people simply because of who they are or where they come from.