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Ensure justice for José Adrián, beaten by police


José Adrián was minding his own business, walking home from school, when police jumped him and threw him against their car. Adrián had stumbled into the aftermath of a clash between a group of youths that ended up damaging a police car. Police arrested only Adrián, a Mayan boy, with no explanation.

Then just 14, Adrián lived in an impoverished community in Mexico. A hearing disability may have prevented him from communicating well with police during his ordeal.

During his arrest, police followed a familiar pattern in Mexico, targeting the poor and discriminated against — in this case, a young indigenous boy. Officers shoved Adrián into their car and drove him to the police station where they strung him up by handcuffs. “They left me for almost, like, half an hour there,” he says. “They hit me on my chest. Then they slapped me across the face.”

To get their son released, Adrián’s family had to pay a fine and the cost of damage to the patrol car — money they couldn’t afford. Adrián dropped out of school because of what happened.

Take Action: Tell the Governor of Yucatán State to make sure Adrián gets full reparations for the injustices he has suffered.

Governor of Yucatán State
Vila Dosal
Governor of Yucatán State