Take Action for Human Rights



It’s often said that young people are our future leaders. We say they’re here now, and they’re already fighting some of the biggest crises we face worldwide. From calling out climate injustice to calling for women’s rights, from tackling homelessness to exposing police brutality, children and young people are a leading force for change. But adults in charge try to sweep them away, harassing, attacking and jailing young people.

Take Action: Sign your name in support of these ten young people to give them strength and make it possible for them to continue to dare where adults in authority are failing. We will deliver a letter to the government responsible for each case with the total number of signatures, so that they see the strong public support for each individual in these cases.

Your Message

Sign the petition in support of 10 cases of youth under threat around the world


I support the human rights of youth and call for immediate change on the following cases:

  • Belarus: Free Emil Ostrovko, serving 8 years in jail for a petty drug offense
  • Canada: Clean up mercury contamination in the indigenous Anishinaabe community of Grassy Narrows
  • China: Free Yiliyasijiang Reheman and other Uyghurs locked up in secret camps
  • Egypt: Reveal what has happened to Ibrahim Ezz El-Din
  • Greece: Drop all charges against human rights activists Sarah and Seán
  • Iran: Free Yasaman Aryani, in jail for peacefully protesting forced veilings
  • Mexico: Ensure justice for José Adrián, beaten by police
  • Nigeria: Protect Nasu Abdulaziz’s right to a home
  • Philippines: Support Marinel Sumook Ubaldo and other climate crisis survivors
  • South Sudan: Do not execute Magai Matiop Ngong

Yours sincerely,