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Drop all charges against human rights activists Sarah and Seán


In Greece, you can go to jail for saving lives. It happened to rescue workers Sarah Mardini, 24, and Seán Binder, 25, because they volunteered for a sea search and rescue organization in Lesvos. They ended up in prison charged with spying, people smuggling and belonging to a criminal organization.

If found guilty, Sarah and Seán could go to prison for 25 years. They've already spent more than 100 days in prison before being released on bail in December 2018.

Seán, now in Ireland, says the scariest thing about what happened to him "is not that it put me in jail, it’s that this can happen to anyone.” It happens when governments make criminals of people who try to help refugees instead of doing more to protect a refugee’s right to find a safe place to live. Sarah, now in Germany, knows all about such dangers. In 2015, she fled Syria’s war, crossing the Aegean in a dinghy which nearly sank. She and her sister towed the boat to the shores of Lesvos, saving the lives of everyone on board.

Take Action: Tell the Minister of Citizens’ Protection to drop charges against Sarah and Seán.

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Minister of Citizens’ Protection