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Ban deadly assault weapons


© David Becker for Getty Images

In 2022 we have witnessed the horrible effect of assault weapons. From the racially motivated shooting in Buffalo, NY to the senseless killing at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX. Not only in “mass” shootings are assault weapons the instrument of tragedy, assault weapons also contribute to the everyday gun violence that plagues many communities across the U.S.

Shooters using semi-automatic assault rifles with large-capacity magazines can kill exponentially more people in a matter of seconds and pose a significant threat to public safety.

Despite the dangers posed by these types of weapons and accessories, there is no federal law regulating them.

Assault rifles are particularly lethal because rounds fired typically achieve a velocity of over 3,000 feet per second, compared to handguns that fire rounds closer to 1,000 feet per second.

Medical providers explain that unlike wounds caused by bullets from a handgun, high velocity bullets cause damage that extends beyond the bullets’ path, causing more harm and increasing the lethality. Semi-automatic assault rifles and large-capacity magazines also pose a threat to law enforcement officers seeking to protect the public in a live shooting incident.

The U.S. must ban semi-automatic weapons and large capacity magazines now.