Take Action for Human Rights

Shut Homestead Down Immediately!


© Jonathan Kirn for Getty Images

Being held away from their families for weeks and even months at a time, filling out paperwork to request additional sanitary pads, allegations of sexual abuse: the children in Homestead are being mistreated at the hands of the U.S. Government.

Under the current law, children are supposed to be moved from Homestead into state-licensed shelters “expeditiously” and within twenty days if possible. Our research team spoke with one child who was detained in Homestead for 8 months before being transferred to a state-licensed shelter.

The U.S. Government has deemed Homestead a temporary emergency facility and is holding children longer than legally allowed. Not only that, but employees are not subject to the same strict state background checks that are required at licensed facilities.

The Program Director of Homestead also informed us that girls must submit a service request form if they need additional sanitary pads. All girls should have access to as many sanitary pads as they need, without submitting paperwork.

We cannot let this happen any longer: demand the Department of Health and Human Services shut Homestead down immediately.

Department of Health and Human Services