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Your Action = Hope for the Amari Family


The Amari family barely escaped with their lives from Syria. They know they can never go back. After an arduous journey, at last, they were accepted for resettlement in the United States. That was December 2016.

But as they prepared for their new life in Virginia, their entire world was shattered. When President Trump signed the Muslim ban, the U.S. government swiftly took back its promise to resettle Ahmed, Amina and their four young children — simply because of where they come from.

Since then, the family has been stranded in Lebanon; their hopes dwindle every day.

We are demanding that the United States keep its promise to refugees like the Amari family — and others facing similar plights.

The Amari children want to be doctors, fashion designers and surgeons. Their futures could be so bright. But their present is dire, and we must ensure their stability now so they can achieve their dreams.

We need 62,000 actions by World Refugee Day: take action now!