Take Action for Human Rights



Nasrin Sotoudeh — a prominent Iranian human rights lawyer — is facing 148 lashes and the remainder of her 38 year prison sentence. After being temporarily released last month, she was just ordered back to Iran’s infamous Gharchak prison — even though she still has COVID-19.

Nasrin’s sentence is the harshest recorded against a human rights defender in Iran in recent years. She is separated from her husband and two children — and prevented from being able to carry out her important work.

To make matters worse, the appalling conditions in Shahr-e Rey “Gharchak” prison place her in serious danger of assault and violence, in addition to overcrowding and poor sanitation — all while she is already sick. We have grave concerns for her safety and well-being.

Nasrin has dedicated her life to defending human rights. Now it’s time for us to stand up for her.

Help us demand her unconditional release and bring her home — once and for all.

Supreme Leader
Ali Khamenei
Islamic Republic of Iran