Take Action for Human Rights



Tell your Senator: Now is the time to pass universal background checks.

We refuse to stand by while guns enter the wrong hands, resulting in heartbreaking losses in our communities. Even if we can’t stop all gun violence, this is a common-sense step we can take to make our country safer.

Gun violence in the U.S. is a human rights crisis, resulting in the deaths of 39,707 people in 2019. Our government has clear international human rights obligations to protect people from gun violence: the first step in preventing guns from getting in dangerous hands is requiring common sense gun violence prevention measures like comprehensive background checks for the purchase of every gun.

When the FBI conducted a record 39.7 million background checks for legal gun purchases in 2020, the agency reported a 40% surge over 2019's record, as Americans armed themselves for self-protection during the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. We know that many guns in the U.S. are sold without background checks, through unlicensed dealers, gun shows, or private sellers. With gun sales surging, the U.S. has an obligation to ensure that no one has access to a firearms without passing a background check.

Comprehensive background checks make a big difference: States with these laws have been found to have significantly less gun trafficking, 47% fewer women killed in firearm-related violence by an intimate partner, substantially fewer suicides using a firearm and 53% fewer police officers killed on duty.

Take action now: Urge your Senator to pass universal background check bill!