Take Action for Human Rights



The recent tragedies in Buffalo and Uvalde have again put the human rights crisis of gun violence front and center.

Our reckless gun laws are what allow tragedies like these to happen. Whether at the grocery store or at school — our hearts break with the knowledge that in the U.S. — unless we take action — no one is safe from gun violence. We can no longer stand by while guns enter the wrong hands.

Right now, there is a common-sense step we can take to make our communities safer – enforcing universal background checks.

Simply put, universal background checks would help prevent dangerous people from having guns. Running a background check before a firearm purchase helps identify people who are prohibited by federal law from owning them, such as convicted felons and domestic abusers.

Universal background checks make a big difference: states with these laws have been found to have significantly less gun trafficking, 47% fewer women killed in firearm-related violence by an intimate partner, substantially fewer suicides using a firearm and 53% fewer police officers killed on duty.

Public safety is not a partisan issue; it is a human rights issue. But until our elected leaders take action to regulate firearms, our rights are under attack.

Take action now: Urge your senators to pass a universal background check bill.

Your voice is more powerful than you think, and only you can use it.