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Block the Bombs: Stop the 1 Billion U.S. Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia’s government has led a devastating campaign of unlawful air strikes and bombardment of civilian targets in the nearby country of Yemen. Thousands of civilians have died. Many more have been injured and displaced. Yemen is now in a humanitarian crisis.

Despite this, President Obama has authorized the sale of over 18,000 bombs and 1,500 warheads to Saudi Arabia. These bombs have not yet been delivered.

Amnesty International has found both unexploded U.S. bombs and fragments of exploded U.S. bombs in the ruins of Yemeni homes and other civilian objects.

Urge President Obama and Congress to cancel the arms sale and stop the delivery of these bombs to Saudi Arabia. Block the bombs now.

This action can only be taken by people with US Congress and House representatives.

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