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Ivanka: Tell Your Dad to Stop Putting Little Kids In Jail. #ShutDownBerks


Ivanka Trump campaigned for her father on a commitment to helping kids and their mothers. But what about the ones who are spending months, sometimes years, behind bars in Berks County, Pennsylvania, in what’s known as the “baby jail”? They fled violence and persecution in countries like Honduras, dreaming of safety in the US. Now these little kids are being detained, some for half their lives, learning to walk behind bars. We’re asking Ivanka Trump to show compassion, and tell her father to #ShutDownBerks.

Below is a suggested message to Ivanka. You can also customize the text to let her know in your own words why we need to shut down Berks! Simply add your message below.

Want to do even more? Download the postcard, fill it out and mail it to us! We will collect them and drop them off for Ivanka in person.

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