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Take Action for Human Rights

Tell your Senator to say NO to President Trump’s border wall.


President Trump has shutdown the government over his demand to send billions of dollars to build a wall along the U.S. southern border.

Americans all over the country oppose building Trump’s wall, and we need your help to drive that point home to your Senator before it's too late.

Throughout his presidency, President Trump has continued to try and get Congress to pay for his border wall, which would further endanger the lives of those seeking asylum.

Many individuals who arrive at our borders — including families and children — are seeking protection from harm. Many of those arriving from Central America are fleeing persecution, gender-based and gang violence, torture and other forms of violence. Instead of being able to ask for asylum with dignity and security, they have been treated cruelly.

The wall wouldn't just cost us billions of dollars — the human cost, in tribal lands divided, families torn apart, and lives lost in dangerous border crossings — would be immense.

Speak out now against this attack on our communities and those seeking asylum: Tell your Senator to say NO to President Trump’s border wall before it’s too late.