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Kids Deserve Safety and Freedom — Not Jail!


Update: Right now, a group of individuals and families from Central America are crossing into Mexico as part of a caravan to the U.S. seeking protection. Many need proper shelter, food and protection. These mothers, fathers, and children came together to navigate a dangerous journey — seeking safety here. They deserve compassion — not jail.

After this summer’s uproar over the forced separation of thousands of parents and kids seeking safety here, President Trump signed a deceptive executive order. Instead of tearing children away from their parents when they arrive at the border, Trump says they can stay together — jailed in family detention. The Trump administration wants to issue a new rule that will give them a blank check to jail kids indefinitely in family detention.

Faces of this cruel practice include five moms and their children who have have been locked up in Dilley, Texas for nearly three months now, after having been forcibly separated by the government. They don’t know if or when they’ll ever be free. We can’t let the administration write this inhumane practice into law.

Between now and November 6th, the government has to consider comments on their new rule, from the public.

People like you can submit a comment on the administration’s proposed rule on family detention, and help make sure other families like these aren’t locked up indefinitely. It’s just like the fight over Net Neutrality — if we flood the government with comments, they have to read them — all of them! The more comments we submit, the more the Trump administration has to listen to us.

Most importantly, make sure to personalize your public comment below with your own words to reflect your values. Unique comments will have the most impact on the future of children and families detained in the U.S.

We’re aiming for 50,000 comments — that’s 50,000 voices speaking out for humanity and human rights. Will you join us?

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