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Stop Deadly “Stand Your Ground” Bill!


The Ohio legislature is trying to pass a bill (HB 381/SB 237) that would put lives in danger.

This bill would create an extreme version of Stand Your Ground in Ohio. If it passes, anyone lawfully in a place like movie theaters, parking lots or malls could pull out a gun and fire if they feel threatened without any responsibility to try to deescalate or walk away.

In other words, a shooter would be allowed to shoot to kill in practically any circumstance if they feel scared — an incredibly subjective and potentially racially biased response.

Stand Your Ground laws result in a racial disparity: white homicide defendants with Black victims are 11 times more likely to benefit from a Stand Your Ground defense than Black defendants with white victims.

Gun violence already poses a huge risk to Ohioans: one person is killed with a gun every six hours. Our legislators should be focused on ways to reduce gun violence, not to pass bills like Stand Your Ground that have been associated with higher firearm homicide rates.

Help us ensure that this dangerous bill is defeated.