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Petition in Support of 10 Women Human Rights Defender Cases


This year’s Write for Rights cases are all women human rights defenders from around the world. Sign your name in support of all ten cases.

Atena is in prison in Iran. Nonhle is being threatened in South Africa. Marielle (above) was killed in Brazil. Each of them have paid a price for defending human rights in their countries. So have seven other women from around the world, each harassed and threatened for their peaceful activism. We can help them and their families by demanding change on their cases. Read more about them in the petition letter below.

Take Action: Sign your name in support of these brave activists, so that we can help free them, stop the threats and ensure justice. We will deliver a letter to the government responsible for each case with the total number of signatures, so that they see the strong public support for these human rights defenders.

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Petition for 10 Women Human Rights Defender Cases 


I support women human rights defenders and call for immediate change on the following cases:

  • Brazil: Investigate the killing of human rights defender Marielle Franco
  • India: Protect Pavitri Manjhi, a defender fighting for the rights of indigenous communities
  • Iran: Free Atena Daemi, a prisoner of conscience jailed for opposing the death penalty
  • Kenya: Let the Sengwer people live on their land in peace
  • Kyrgyzstan: Support Gulzar Dushenova, a defender of the rights of people with disabilities
  • Morocco: Stop harassing human rights defender Nawal Benaissa
  • South Africa: Protect Nonhle Mbuthuma, on a “hit list” for her human rights activism
  • Ukraine: Support Vitalina Koval, violently attacked for her LGBTI rights activism
  • United States of America: Let in Awad, a human rights defender and refugee from Sudan
  • Venezuela: Drop the case against Geraldine Chacon, a defender of youth rights

Yours sincerely,