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Morocco: Stop Harassing Human Rights Defender Nawal Benaissa


Nawal Benaissa speaks out for social justice and better health care services in her region of Morocco, Rif, where many people feel forgotten by their government. As one of the leading voices of a popular movement called Hirak, she’s been on peaceful protests and campaigned for change on social media.

Every step of the way, she’s been harassed by the Moroccan authorities in an attempt to silence her. They arrested her multiple times and closed her Facebook profile. In February 2018, she was given a 10-month suspended sentence and a fine. She’s appealing the verdict, but the intimidation continues.

Take Action: Tell the Moroccan Head of Government to stop harassing Nawal.

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Nawal Benaissa is a 37-year-old human rights defender who has done nothing more than exercise her rights to freedom of expression and assembly.


Yet since June 2017 she has faced harassment by security forces, surveillance and repeated arbitrary arrest, just for speaking out for peaceful change in the Rif, northern Morocco. A court in Al Hoceima, her native city, served her with a 10-month suspended sentence once again purely in relation to her peaceful and legitimate campaigning.


I urge you to do all in your power to end the harassment of Nawal Benaissa and her family, so she can be free to campaign for social justice for her community.


Yours sincerely,