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Tell Governor Ron DeSantis to end the death penalty!

End the Death Penalty

Florida may have a reputation as the Sunshine State, but few know that it is also home to the second largest death row in the USA.

The State of Florida has long been a major anti-abolitionist force in the USA, but is less well-known internationally in this regard than the “usual suspects” such as Texas and Georgia. Today Florida has the second largest death row in the country, and is ranked fourth in the number of executions carried out at state level since 1976. If executions continue, it would be on course to take second place behind only Texas. While the tide has been turning against the death penalty in several states of the USA, Florida’s legislature has been passing bills that oil the machinery of death rather than end its use.

Florida promotes itself as a tourist destination and a state connected to the world through regional and international trade and business links. At the same time, its attachment to the death penalty sets it apart from much of the great majority of the world.

Tell Florida: it’s time to stop executions now!

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To: Governor Ron DeSantis


We, the undersigned, are calling on Florida to end the use of the death penalty in the Sunshine State.


Florida has executed almost 100 people since the US Supreme Court approved new death penalty laws in 1976. In the past 40 years, evidence of the death penalty’s arbitrary, discriminatory and error-prone application has continued to grow.


Florida promotes itself as linked to the Americas region and the rest of the world, but is far out of step on this fundamental issue. Florida can learn from those to whom it promotes its beaches and business, including Canada, which abolished the death penalty for murder in 1976 and eradicated it entirely in 1998.


The death penalty is incompatible with human rights principles and should be consigned to history.


We call on all elected officials in Florida to work together to end the use of the death penalty in Florida.