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Take Action for Human Rights

Tell President Trump: Reunite and Release Families!


Throughout the summer, people have joined together to resist the cruel separation and detention of families. Protests are growing in strength nationally and globally, but the fight isn’t over.

Some parents and family members who were separated from their children have been deported back to countries where their lives may be at risk — and where they will have to live not knowing if they will see their children again.

Some families have been reunited but are now held in family detention centers. In family detention centers, children experience an average of one month of developmental delays for every three months they’re detained.

At the same time, U.S. authorities have been directed to detain all asylum-seeking families, potentially for months or even years, while they wait for decisions on their asylum claims. The U.S. government is using this abusive system as a tactic to deter asylum claims.

There are alternatives to family detention. The now-terminated Family Case Management Program (“FCMP”) was 99 percent effective in ensuring that asylum-seeking parents and their children appeared for their immigration court proceedings by helping them find legal representation, guiding them through the court system, and connecting them with other community resources.

Send a message to President Trump and demand that the U.S. government stops locking up asylum seekers and reunites separated families now!