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Demand Accountability for the Destruction in Raqqa


Last year, the US-led Coalition killed entire families in Raqqa, a city in the North East of Syria.

In June 2017, the Coalition - including the US, France and UK - launched a military operation to oust the armed group calling itself the Islamic State from its so called “capital”.

But instead of just targeting Daesh, they caused the deaths of hundreds and injury of thousands of civilians, and destroyed much of the city.

Our researchers visited Raqqa, and reported a level of destruction beyond anything they have seen in decades of covering the impact of wars. Homes, private and public buildings and infrastructure were reduced to rubble, or damaged beyond repair.

So although the Coalition claims that it conducted a precision air campaign intended to bomb the Islamic State out of Raqqa while causing very few civilian casualties, this claim is simply not true.

Hundreds of civilians were killed in Raqqa. Families just like ours. You can demand truth and justice for them and their loved ones, and make sure their lives are not forgotten.

Demand the U.S-led Coalition recognize the scale of civilian lives lost in Raqqa, properly investigate airstrikes that killed civilians, publish all their findings, and provide reparation for the victims.

By serving justice for those who were unlawfully killed in Raqqa, we can help make sure that similar crimes do not happen again in the future.

Secretary of Defense
Department of Defense