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Tell Trump Administration: Let Sam Come Home!


Sam is an Iraqi refugee stranded in Cairo, Egypt with little hope of reaching safety, after the U.S. government failed to keep its promise to resettle him. The U.S. accepted him for resettlement and he prepared to travel to the U.S. in October 2017. When the latest refugee ban went into effect, he was left in jeopardy because of the Administration’s discriminatory policies targeting refugees. Now, due to the delays caused by the ban and this Administration’s new security procedures for refugees, Sam is in danger of being returned to Iraq, where he would be at risk of serious harm or death.  He has a sponsor and community in the United States waiting to give him a home, but the U.S. won’t let him in.  The U.S. must rectify this broken promise.

Sam fled Iraq in 2014 after his and his family’s lives were threatened because of his work alongside the U.S. Army as an interpreter. In Iraq, many interpreters like him have been murdered. He is afraid of meeting the same fate. After arriving in Egypt, he applied for  resettlement in the U.S. through a special program that helps Iraqis who worked with the U.S. government and other U.S. entities. The U.S. government conditionally approved him for resettlement in December 2016.   

In early October 2017, after Sam completed all the necessary paperwork, security checks and cultural orientation, he received the good news he was hoping for: he was told to get ready for travel to the United States. He had his bags packed for his new life where he had a home and a community standing by to welcome him. 

Shortly after receiving this good news, Trump’s latest version of the refugee ban was issued and it prevented Iraqi nationals like Sam from being admitted to the United States, even though he had already been accepted for resettlement. Though the ban was blocked by a federal court,he still remains in limbo with no idea when, if ever, he will be able to come home to the U.S.. 

Sam has been waiting to be resettled to the U.S. for over three years in difficult and dangerous conditions, away from his family, without the ability to work. He is at risk of deportation back to Iraq. He is afraid any more delay will put him and his family in danger and at risk of death.  

Sign now and tell the US to keep its promise to help Sam.

Acting Director
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
DHS Secretary