Take Action for Human Rights

Ask Congress to Stand Up for Refugees Now!


President Trump has declared a national emergency in order to build his number one campaign promise — a border wall. Denied what he wants by the Congress, he wants to circumvent them and spend billions of dollars to build a wall along the US Southern border — just one more effort to manufacture a crisis and keep asylum-seekers fleeing violence and danger from accessing our border. Once already here in the US, he wants to throw them in detention.

We need to tell Congress that enough is enough.

We do not want a border wall that keeps asylum-seekers out and cuts through indigenous land. We are tired of policies being implemented in our name that do not represent who we are or what we believe. And we don’t want to drastically increase detention bed space, including family detention, when there are more humane alternatives to detention that are cost-effective and respectful of human rights.

Sign now to tell Congress, we must stop criminalizing people who are seeking refuge.