Take Action for Human Rights

facing charges for defending human rights


It should have been an ordinary day for İdil Eser, head of Amnesty Turkey. She was attending a routine workshop for human rights activists in Istanbul in July 2017. Joining her was friend and fellow activist Özlem Dalkıran, founder of Amnesty Turkey, now with Avaaz and the Citizens’ Assembly.

The third day of their workshop was about to start when police raided the building and detained them and eight others. The accusation? “Membership of a terrorist organization” – an outrageous charge. One month earlier Taner Kilic, the Chair of Amnesty Turkey, was arrested on the same absurd grounds.

These arrests are an attempt to silence critical voices within Turkey, but have only served to highlight the importance of human rights and those who dedicate their lives to defending them. Since the attempted coup of July 2016, over 150,000 people have been placed under criminal investigation.

Taner and the Istanbul 10 have dedicated their lives to defending the rights of others. They speak out for freedom, fighting for everyone in Turkey to be treated fairly. We will not rest until these baseless charges are dropped and they are unconditionally freed.

Tell Turkey to drop the charges against our friends and colleagues and unconditionally release them.

Minister of Justice