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Convicted for Protecting Endangered Rainforest


Clovis Razafimalala loves Madagascar’s rainforest. The father of two young children and environmental activist is doing everything he can to protect its endangered, ruby-coloured rosewood trees. But a corrupt network of smugglers will stop at nothing to silence Clovis and others like him. They’re driven by the billions of dollars they can pocket from the illegal sale of this exquisite tree.

Despite laws against it, the black market in rosewood is booming, reinforcing the influence of the smugglers at its heart. Clovis and his fellow activists are bravely standing up to them while the government looks away.

Their activism comes at a cost. In September 2016, Clovis was imprisoned, accused of leading a violent protest. Witnesses said he was at a restaurant at the time, but were never interviewed as part of the investigation.

This was not the first time Clovis had been targeted. In 2009, his house was fire bombed. He has also been repeatedly offered – and has refused – bribes to stop defending Madagascar’s endangered forest.

In July 2017, Clovis was convicted on false charges and given a five-year suspended sentence. He could be jailed at any time if he dares continue his activism.

Tell Madagascar to overturn Clovis’ sentence immediately.

Minister of Justice
Government of Madagascar