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Every year, Congress approves billions of dollars for ICE and CBP to jail, abuse and deport immigrants and people seeking safety. Congress just passed a massive funding bill that continues to fuel the border militarization, immigration detention and deportation machine for the rest of this year.

And right now, Congress is figuring out how to fund the government next year, including how much money to give ICE and CBP. The United States must stop increasing funding for these abusive agencies that harm and criminalize Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

Join Amnesty, Bend The Arc, Detention Watch Network, and the Defund Hate coalition by calling and demanding your Members of Congress to defund hate — to cut funding for ICE and CBP — and reinvest in our communities.

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Hello, my name is [name] and I live in/am from [city, state].

I’m calling to urge the Representative [name] to support significant cuts to ICE and CBP funding for the fiscal year 2023 Homeland Security appropriations bill.

ICE and CBP, two agencies within DHS, have a long history of abuses, mismanagement of funds, and retaliation against those who speak out against them. Significantly cutting their budget is the only way to reel in their track record of abuses.

I’m disappointed by the fiscal year 2022 funding that increases funding for detention, enforcement, and border militarization.

For fiscal year 2023, I encourage you to prioritize appropriations that reflect values of fairness and compassion. Congress should significantly cut ICE and CBP funding, and instead invest in real community needs and resources.

Thank you.


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