Tell Congress: End the Deadly Global Gag Rule

Right now global organizations that receive US international aid for maternal health, HIV prevention and fighting diseases such as malaria or Zika can’t so much as educate communities on safe abortion. This policy, known as the Global Gag rule, means global organizations will lose US funding if they use their own money to educate communities on abortion, provide abortions or work to liberalize abortion laws.

The Global Health, Empowerment and Rights (HER) Act is an act introduced into Congress with bipartisan support. It would permanently end the Global Gag Rule, and give organizations, clinics and hospitals around the world the opportunity to provide the education and services women and girls need and deserve.

We must permanently end the Global Gag Rule and ensure all people—especially women and girls—have access to the healthcare they need. Take action now: send a message to your members of Congress now asking them to co-sponsor the Global HER Act.

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As your constituent I am writing to ask you to co-sponsor the Global Health, Empowerment and Rights (HER) Act (S.210 & H.R.671), permanently ending the disastrous Global Gag Rule, which endangers the lives of women and girls globally who depend on US funding for basic life-saving health services.

Global Gag is a disastrous policy that has devastating impacts on global health. Global Gag (also called the “Mexico City Policy”) is a presidential memorandum that withholds US international development assistance from nongovernmental organizations that provide abortion services, information about abortion, or referrals to abortion providers. No US funds ever go to abortion or abortion services, Global Gag means that organizations or clinics that receive US International aid for other reasons — like maternal health, HIV prevention or fighting malaria or Zika — can’t so much as educate their communities on safe abortion or they will lose their funding.

The reimplementation of the Global Gag rule will mean fewer women and girls have access to birth control, fewer people in the Global South will be able to access to life-saving basic health services, and, like in previous iterations of the Global Gag, abortion rates will increase, not decrease.

The Helms Amendment already prohibits the use of US funds by NGOs for abortion services, but Global Gag prevents NGOs from using their own money to perform or advocate for such purposes. No money is being saved from this policy. The funding will just be directed to less-effective organizations, like those who do not provide competent family planning services (such as contraception) or evidence-based medical services or programming.

Global Gag threatens the United States’ net positive effect on global health efforts. The United States is a critical player in foreign public health assistance funding. Not only do organizations benefitting from US funding help the local populations they serve through direct care, but they also empower local populations to organize at the grassroots level to combat medical crises. Global Gag dampens the efforts of NGOs that are committed to providing comprehensive care on all fronts.

The Global HER protects local NGOs from losing US assistance based on other services they provide, ensuring millions have access to the care the need and deserve.

I ask you to co-sponsor the Global HER Act and defend the rights of women and girls globally.

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