Tell Your Governor: End the Death Penalty Now

Arkansas just executed four men in the span of eight days. It was a gross violation of human rights and a disturbing move in the wrong direction. While other states are abolishing the death penalty and reducing executions at historic rates, Arkansas has returned to executions after 12 years.

Every execution violates human rights, and every leader who values human rights must take a stand against executions.

Thirty-one states still have the death penalty. You can take a stand and demand that your governor protect human rights and put an end to this cruel punishment. Governors have executive authority – in most states they can grant clemency and commute death sentences to life without parole.

Call on your governor to end the death penalty now.

Arkansas’ killing spree proves yet again what we’ve always known: every execution is wrong and no one deserves to be killed by the state. Tell your governor to end the death penalty now.

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Dear Governor

I have watched the events unfold in Arkansas in recent weeks and am horrified at this gross human rights violation. Arkansas executed four men in the span of eight days, despite many suffering from intellectual disabilities, mental illnesses, and histories of abuse. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson put these men on a conveyor belt of death and executed them, one after another, ignoring the glaring issues marring each case.

I am writing to ask you to end the death penalty in our state. Wherever the death penalty has been implemented in the United States, it has been marked by racial and economic inequity.

I am calling on you to use your executive authority to end the death penalty now.

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