Take Action: Call on Apple to disclose the steps it has taken to investigate its cobalt supply chain

We all increasingly rely on rechargeable batteries to power our mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers, cameras and other portable electronic devices. We enjoy the benefits that these new technologies bring, but do you know where the raw materials come from that go into them and how those raw materials were extracted? 

Half of the world’s cobalt comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo where Amnesty International has documented adults and children as young as seven working in hazardous conditions without any protective clothing or equipment. 

One boy named Paul told Amnesty International that he often worked for 24 hours straight in an underground tunnel mining cobalt when he was only 12 years old. He was paid $1-2 dollars a day.

Apple must do basic checks and disclose the steps it has taken to ensure that cobalt mined by child laborers and adults working in hazardous conditions has not been used in its products.

Apple must take responsibility for the mining of the raw materials that make its lucrative products and you, the consumer, can make them. 

TAKE ACTION and call on Apple to disclose publicly its efforts to investigate its cobalt supply chain and prove it is addressing human rights abuses

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