Demand Justice for Palestinian Circus Performer Jailed Without Charge

On 14 December, Mohammad set out from his parents’ home to the Palestinian Circus School where he works. But he never made it. Israeli soldiers stopped him at a checkpoint and took him to a nearby detention centre. He has been held ever since, and is now thought to be in Megiddo prison, in northern Israel.

He has never been charged with a crime and his family have not been allowed to visit him.

The Israeli military handed him a six-month administrative detention order — so they can continue to hold him with no charge, indefinitely.

Act now to demand the release of Mohammad Faisal Abu Sakha, and all other administrative detainees, unless they are to be charged with recognizably criminal offense and tried fairly and promptly. Read more

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Message Recipients: Military Judge Advocate General, Brigadier General Sharon Afek; US Ambassador Ron Dermer, Embassy of Israel
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