Don't Bury This American Torture Story: Read the Report

This American Torture Story has been buried for far too long.

The CIA never intended for the public to learn it had "disappeared" more than 100 men between 2002 and 2008. And if it weren't for a new Senate report on torture, we wouldn't know some of the gruesome details: That the CIA used forced rectal feeding and 'hydration' to exert control over men; or that it literally left one man chained to a wall, forced to stand for 17 days straight.

Stunningly, the Justice Department is keeping the full report sealed away in an envelope, apparently unread – even though it contains information about potential violations of federal and international law. The United States has a duty to investigate and hold those responsible for these crimes accountable.

But if the Justice Department won’t read the report, YOU can send it to them.

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Message Recipients: Attorney General Loretta Lynch
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