Demand Justice for the Students of Ayotzinapa

On September 27, 2014, the tortured body of student Julio César Mondragón, from Ayotzinapa in Mexico’s Guerrero State, was found.

Hours before, as he and other students from a rural teacher-training college were en route to protests against government education reforms they considered to be discriminatory, they were attacked by police in Iguala and gunmen with whom they colluded. Three students were killed. Eyewitnesses saw police take other students away. Yet authorities later claimed no knowledge of where they were. The families of 43 “missing” students were left to agonize about their suffering after learning about the torture that Julio César Mondragón had suffered.

In the aftermath, Mexican students, families, and citizens from all walks of life have courageously taken to the streets in the hundreds of thousands to call for action. The marches have been fueled by widespread awareness that what was done to the students from Ayotzinapa is only the tip of a terrifying iceberg.

Act now to demand justice for the students from Ayotzinapa! 

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Message Recipients: President Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico