Demand Accountability for Killings of Civilians in Afghanistan by US Forces

Qandi Agha, a former detainee held by US Special Forces, spoke of daily torture sessions he endured. "Four people beat me with cables. They tied my legs together and beat the soles of my feet with a wooden stick. They punched me in the face and kicked me."

Agha said that both US and Afghan forces participated in the torture sessions. He also said that four of the prisoners held with him were killed while he was in US custody, including Sayed Muhammed, whose killing he witnessed.

Thousands of civilians have been killed by US forces since the invasion, but victims and their families have little chance of justice. Evidence of possible war crimes by US forces? has largely been ignored.

Join Amnesty International in calling for investigations of civilian deaths, accountability, and reform of the US military justice system.

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Message Recipients: Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, President Barack Obama
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