Will the U.S. stand up against war crimes in Nigeria?

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Communities that have been terrorized for several years by Boko Haram are facing another threat at the hands of the very military whose duty it is to protect them.

Amnesty International has gathered footage which depicts war crimes by Nigeria's military, a state-sponsored militia called the Civilian Joint Task Force and Boko Haram. The gruesome footage documents extrajudicial executions, mass arbitrary arrests and torture - including the mass execution of 16 young men whose throats were slit one by one before being dumped into a mass grave.

Nigerian civilians increasingly have nowhere to turn. Stand with them and their right to live free from violence!

Join us in urging President Obama to publicly condemn these atrocities, condition military assistance to Nigeria on respect for human rights and demand Nigerian authorities to impartially investigate and bring to justice all those responsible for abuses. Read More

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