Stop inhumane Detroit water shutoffs!

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department is reportedly intensifying efforts to collect unpaid debts from customers through water shutoffs. The Department's plan is to cut water services to over 150,000 households that are overdue on their water bills, which amounts to 3,000 households per week. Detroit's high poverty and unemployment rates have made water bills unaffordable for many.

All people have a human right to water that is within reasonable reach and at a price they can afford. Amnesty International USA considers the water disconnections to households which genuinely cannot pay their water bill a violation of their human rights and is working alongside community activists to request that local authorities reconnect the water to people who lack the means to pay. Stand with us to demand water services are restored in Detroit without delay!

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Message Recipients: Director of Detroit Water and Sewerage Department Sue McCormick,Emergency Manager for the City of Detroit Kevyn Orr, Mayor of Detroit Mike Duggan, Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder
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