Stop Mass Executions in Egypt!

On June 21 an Egyptian judge upheld the death sentences for 183 supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi. Several recent death penalty rulings provide alarming evidence of the Egyptian judiciary's politicized attitude toward justice. There has been a notable spike in death sentences in cases related to riots and mass demonstrations. Since January the Egyptian judiciary has recommended the death penalty for 1,247 men and upheld death sentences against 247 men. All are Morsi supporters.

Likewise, the conviction June 22 of three Al Jazeera English journalists accused of "falsifying news" and belonging to or assisting the banned Muslim Brothers is a ferocious attack on media freedom.

Egyptian authorities need to hear from you to end this crackdown!

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Message Recipients: Minister of Justice, Nayer Abdel-Moneim Othman and Ambassador Mohamed Tawfik.
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