Stop the Starvation of Syrians

action520699_200.jpgThree years after the beginning of the current crisis in Syria, around 250.000 civilians are living under siege across the country. Many are enduring appalling conditions in their struggle to survive.

Most live in areas besieged by Syrian government forces and have been effectively confined for a year or more in areas being bombed and shelled on a regular basis. In other areas, civilians have come under siege from armed opposition forces who have blocked the delivery of much-needed supplies. Their situation is desperate. They lack food, medical supplies and fuel. Some have resorted to killing and eating cats and dogs.

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I call on you to use your influence as a member of the UN Security Council to ensure the effective implementation of resolution 2139 of February 22, 2014.

As you are aware, Syrian civilians in Syria continue to suffer. Not enough has been done to implement the requirements of the resolution. I therefore call on you, and your fellow members of the Security Council, to take the following actions:

* Urgently ensure the effective implementation of resolution 2139 by the Syrian government and armed opposition groups. This means, among other points, the lifting of sieges on civilians, unfettered humanitarian access and an end to arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances and abductions.

* Urgently ensure further measures are taken if any of the parties fails to implement the resolution effectively. This should include the imposition of targeted sanctions for non-compliance with the resolution.

* Urgently ensure accountability for those deemed responsible for carrying out unlawful collective punishments against the civilian population and for other violations of international humanitarian law and abuses of human rights. Ensure unfettered access to Syria is given to the UN-mandated independent international Commission of Inquiry.
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